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Photo ID # 11.02.03_074_OLS_NAZ_0070WELD_1
Car #: #74 & #19
Driver (s) : Walt Olsen and Kenny Brightbill
Location: Reading or Nazareth?
Date: October 18th 2003
Photographer: Ed Weaver
Photo provided by: Ralph Richards
Comments: Two Weld cars doing battle in the mid to late 70's shown here with 2 great drivers in side by side action. 
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11/05/03 Steve Fegley That's Reading between one an two.  I should know that - I stood in the very place this pic was took from every fri night from 1970 - 1979.   It must be early in the feature as Kenny is car width away from the wall yet.   By feature end cushion be right up there an sparks be flyin off the back bumper...(auhhh the good ole days...) Steve Fegley
11/15/03 3-Wide I ran into Bobby Braxton today (Nov 15th 2003) at Bridgeport and he informed me that this car was driven by Walt Olsen!  (I'll have to dig up another picture of the #74 with Bobby behind the wheel....
12/17/03 Mike Feltenberger Ed Weaver and I stood side by side between turns 1 and 2 every Friday and Sunday at the Reading Fairgrounds in the 70's.  I have the exact same photo but it was in color and Vince Vicari wanted it for the Racer program.   The Weld cars turned racing into an expensive sport after they were built.   They were fast and it took it's toll on the creator Kenny Weld who always found mechanical or tire problems limit his success there while his other cars were very successful.
10.08.10 Kevin Eckert This is 1976 when Weld unleashed a pack of Gremlins. All of the recipients were proven winners except Walt Olsen, and it was his success that probably helped people see Kenny's car as an unfair advantage. Yes, this Wiechecki 74 was painted pink and driven by Bobby Braxton.