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Photo ID # 07.22.03_076_HOW_WGV_0070_1
Car #: #76
Driver (s) : #Steve Howard
Location: Williams Grove, PA
Date: 1970's
Photographer: John Lucas
Photo provided by: John McCaughey
Comments: Steve was a very talented driver from I think around the Langhorne, PA area and I know was one of Ernie's favorites.
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07/25/03 Big Kev Steve was a young up and coming star until his tragic death at the age of 24. He had a few wins and numerous seconds in this car .He kind of took the Central Pa. sprint division by storm in 1975 by running so well. I remember talking to him a week before his death and him telling me how great the feeling was to be running so well. No matter where they went they had a shot to win. If I'm not mistaken this car was co-owned by Goeorge Moskat and Ray Carrol. RIP my friend. Big Kev
07/25/03 Dale Stewart Pretty neat to see T/K High Performance on the hood of the car.
03/23/04 Steve Your right the car was co-owned by George Moskat and Ray Carrol, I use to race 1/4 midgets with both Steve and George back in the old days. MK has closed shop and I have lost touch with "Rat".
09/24/04 Danny Hieber Looking thru the vault I came across a picture that has hung on our shops wall for almost 30 years.  I still have vivid memories of Stevie.  I remember riding on his shoulders as a 7 year old. Him giving me my most important advice on driving. Him always smiling. Teasing my sister who had a crush on him. That night we came home from 1/4 midget racing & finding out the bad news. Stevie wanting to be a dentist. Missing a friend & a hero. 
02/15/06 Ken Johnson Steve became a Lincoln Speedway favorite and was always requested to come down on the front stretch and do flips for the fsns. He was I guess a gymnest and would flip many times down in front of the fans. I was the PR man at Lincoln at the time and the 76 was a crowd pleaser. If memory serves me right we awarded Steve 2nd place in the points that year as that was where he was before his tragic death.
07.09.16 Dennis So many years have passed since Stevie passing, my Father Bill Stanford worked on Stevie Car. The Story's that Dad, Ken Would tell. Miss the Grandview day's of my Yewt, Thanks Stevie, Mr Howard & Dad for the Memories.
09.17.19 Jim U. Stevie Howard. Could someone help me with this as i spent many Saturday nights at Lincoln during the 70s but not during the 75,76 seasons. I only recall Van May driving the M&K 76.

Bob Bello

This is Stevie Howard and I believe this may have been William's Grove or Lincoln. I was part.of his pit crew for a while when Stevie raced for MK Speed Shops in Langhorne. George Moscot and his partner Ray owned the car. Such great memories. As I am sure you know Stevie was killed in this car I believe in 1975. He was a scary fast and such an awesome guy. 

06.12.20 Michael S

Thinking about you after all these years.  You made Langhorne proud.