Photo ID # T11.25.23_JAN_GUT_TRE_0070IVINS_000a
Car #: #17
Driver (s) : Janet Guthrie
Location: Trenton Speedway
Date: Not sure....
Photographer: Nelson Ivins
Photo provided by: Nelson Ivins & Bobby Pickell Jr.
Comments: Comment:  Janet Guthrie at what looks like a practice session at Trenton Speedway, Trenton NJ.

In photos #4, #5 & #6 (from the top), that's Indy car racer Dick Simon providing some words to Janet before she heads out for a few laps.

Notice as Janet first heads out to the track, the car is equipped with a camera mounted on the front of the car to capture some of the first few laps on the speedway.

At some point, the camera was removed and Janet, headed back out onto the 1.5 mile speedway for some laps at speed. 

The last few photos above look to have been taken at a press meeting, with drivers Dick Simon (left), Janet, Johnny Rutherford and Tom Sneva.

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We thank Nelson Ivins and Bobby Pickell Jr. for providing these images to be shared here in The Vault.
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12.01.23 dnoldschool34 That was the second day she ran . I was there for the first day and there was only a few of us there . The state police stopped the first day it was scheduled due to the berms around the lake not being cut right . They wanted a 90 degree cut and not a tapered edge as they were afraid if she went off into the infield it would act like a ramp and launch her into the lake .

She was a hell of a racer and a very bright and articulate lady who had she been able to get a top ride would have really shocked everyone.

12.01.23 Greg C The year was 1976.
12.01.23 dnoldschool34 The first day was canceled because of the berm, dozers came in and cut the berms to 90 degrees and that took a couple of days . Then she tested and was the only car there and just a few of us were there . They didn't want a bunch of folks there A few weeks of things did go well .

The press deal was a few days later when it was closer to the April date .  Rolla Vollstedt owned the car and it was not a great ride but he was the only one who would give her a chance. She did get a turn at  Indy in one of AJ 's cars and ran some big laps and showed everyone she could drive with the best of them but no one wanted a woman driver . It was still a time when there was the no ti+s in pits attitude in racing.

When I moved here in 99 (south) we started working with a few women drivers who were very talented and worked to fine them a ride and sponsorship in NASCAR but it was still a man's world. The Danica came along and was the sexy little thing who was able to drive better than some but had that sexy image and she got all of the attention . She was good at marketing herself and NASCAR jumped on the chance to attract young girls and lets face it guys who thought she was hot .

When she went to Daytona for her first 500 I told everyone she would be on the pole before she even turned a lap because she was going to be the big story NASCAR was looking for and I was right. Did she get the call, welllllllll what do you think?????
12.01.23 Rick Shive Danica certainly got the call. Daytona pole is for of a PR opportunity than anything. 
12.01.23 elf30 I agree with old-school, if Janet had the opportunities that Danica had she would have won something. She was definitely talented.
12.02,23 Janet Guthrie

The photos were certainly a nostalgia trip.

I checked the text of my book, and the pix were taken on April 16, 1976 (and possibly also on April 17, since we used the track for testing on both of those days). My text, which was based on my journals at the time, doesn’t contain anything about a delay due to a berm, nor do I remember any such thing. On the previous day, April 15, we were at a press conference in Manhattan, which must have been scheduled well in advance. Johnny Rutherford was at Trenton only on the 16th.

Thanks again for giving me a look at the photos—

Best regards,

Janet Guthrie

12.14.23 parcans

i worked an event a few years back that Janet came to speak at. Great stories of hard work & perseverance in a time when a lot of people wrote her off just because of her gender. She was one of the nicest & most interesting corporate speakers I've worked with in the past 25 years.