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Photographer Mel Stettler/Photo provided to The Vault by Mel Stettler.

Photo ID # Q04.03.20_SUP_SYR_MOD_0078MEL_1
Car #: #UNK
Driver (s) : Unknown
Location: Syracuse
Date: 1978
Photographer: Mel Stettler
Photo provided by: Mel Stettler

Comment for above photo:  Let's see...on the right side you either have a competitor side by side with you, or a wall... and on the right side, you've got a small block (see comments below) probably turning 8000(?) RPM's....  Taking a seat in between those two things is definitely something for only the brave.

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04.04.20 John Mc

Actually Joe, thatís an alky burning big block.

04.04.20 3-Wide Thanks for the correction John...  I couldn't see the headers so I took a guess that it was a small block.  (Still not getting me to sit in there, even at idle.)
04.07.20 David Bamber Ed Thompson was the driver of this racer.
04.07.20 Brian Baker

The Supermodified shown in Mel's picture was owned and driven by Ed the late 1970s/early 1980s.  It originally was the Ed Cloce owned, Jean Guy Chartrand driven red #69 supermodified before being sold to Ed, who changed it around quite a bit. The car was never very successful.

 Not my shot so not for posting, but here's a link to what a wild looking car it was to start with:

Cheers - Brian