Here's the most recent on Wall from the Asbury Park Press:

Wall Officials Reaffirm Stand to Keep Housing from 50-acre Speedway Site (posted 9/10/05)
Click above to get the whole story as reported by Dan Kaplan of the Asbury Park Press

Wall Speedway Developers Withdraw Proposal
Click above to get the whole story as reported by Dan Kaplan of the Asbury Park Press
No deal to sell Wall Speedway  Investors being sought to run track however (8/1/05)
NJ racing alive and well with Ray (8/1/5)
There's still hope for the ol' race track  (8/1/5)

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An interesting read for those following the Wall Stadium Story.... from the Asbury Park Press's Don Wilno:
It's just about over, racing fans
Published in the Asbury Park Press 05/31/05
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(As written by Dan Kaplan and found in the Asbury Park Press

Published in the Asbury Park Press 06/02/05

Click below to get an idea of the developer's opinion of auto racing..

Here is the 6 page mailer that the registered voters of Wall Township received on March 19th, 2005 from MDK Developers of Paramus, NJ telling them to "Join US in urging OUR township to replace the Wall Speedway with family friendly recreation, dining and housing."

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wall_6.jpg (107686 bytes)

  The history rich facility will be no more.  The residents that are being manipulated into fighting the battle for the developers will be left with the problems and costs associated with additional development.

  Thank you residents of Wall Township for being good neighbors and we hope that you will support the efforts to keep Wall Stadium as it has been for many, many decades: "A facility rich in history and a true source of family entertainment for many residents of the state of NJ and beyond." 

(Here's the story as reported by the Asbury Park Press:

Story from Monday, March 21, 2005 - Please click below for the story posted in Monday's Asbury Park Press that appears on
Wall officials oppose plans

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"Recent" UPDATE 3/22 from a link to the Asbury Park Press:
Speedway owners assure fans: We're open for 2005...
Above Link Courtesy of Mod Series Scene and Vault Contributor Barry Hulse
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