Eastern Storm at Port Royal

AMSOIL USAC Racing Sprint Cars, the Silver Crown Sprint Cars and the Weikert’s Livestock winged Sprint Cars

Photos by 3Wide

Got there early...  so time to stroll through the pits.

Robert Ballou's hoodless #12

Very fast rookie Daison Pursley

Silver Crown car

Kody Swanson's Silver Crown ride

If I was judging... this one would have got "Best of Show."

Justin Whittall - from Southampton NJ

Flo announcer Chet keeps on top of things by walking the pits and talking to... EVERYBODY!

Brady Bacon

Alex Bright back in action after a rough night before at Williams Grove

Lucus Wolfe

Matt Mitchell

Naked Abe

... definitely easier to work on than a modified!

...still got time before warm ups.

...still an hour or so before warm ups.

Mark Bitner's Silver Crown ride

Here's Mark with the #4

Emerson Axsom...Always fast.

Briggs Danner

...still more time before warm ups...

Tom Harris, all the way from the UK

Robert Ballou

Time to get heat in the engines...  That's Chase Stockon getting ready to head out.

Pretty sure that's Carson Garrett

Mario Clouser

Brady Bacon

Getting ready to roll out

Ed Aikin

On a hot streak...Emerson Axsom already has wins on this year's Eastern Storm tour at Big Diamond and at Williams Grove.

Logan Seavey

Eye catcher...

Justin Grant brings in the #4 after a getting heat in the engine.

There's no doors, so it's up through the top when it comes time to get out.

Kyle Cummins

Jake Swanson hops out of the #21AZ

Doing double duty, Justin Grant climbed out of his #4 USAC Sprint, and right into the #81 Silver Crown ride.

CJ Leary

Time to take a quick stroll down the very busy midway.

.... Enough walking.  Decided to put down the blanket and call Section L (just off the 4th turn) home base for the rest of the event.

...there's not really a bad seat in the house... as warm ups begin, and the background view is pretty spectacular.

... and about 5 or so hours later.... it's time for the USAC Wingless Sprint Feature!

I had never been to Port Royal before, so I jumped at the chance to car pool up to see a full card of open wheel racing at what is probably the nicest facility I've ever seen.  There was plenty of racing (3 division show), so it meant we were in for a long night, but glad I made the trip and got to see the drivers that support the Eastern Storm!

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