Fleming's Pumpkin Run 2022

November 5th, 2022
Images from 3Wide

It's that time of year... Pumpkin Run is here....

Lots of folks enjoying the day...

Pete Frazee #68 as driven at Vineland, Old Bridge and other speedways in the 60's.

Racing photographers Ace Lane and son Tommy take a look at the Frazee #68

Pleasantville & New Egypt Speedway #2X racer driven by Howard Stern

Rich Pratt  (center) and Mark Yaple (right

Wayne Weaver's original #12W Sportsman as raced in the very early 80's.

Great looking Ford coupe bodied racer

Great to see the Tom Skinner #659 coupe at the show this year, next to the GSVSCC display.

The original Sonny Dornberger  built #99.

Terry Van's very cool #74 coupe

Time to do some more walkin'...

Tons of folks enjoying the great weather

...70+ degrees... Pretty good for early November!

Thomas Prychka's Bridgeport racer.  I heard that Napa Val-U Auto Parts of Berlin, Egg Harbor and Hammonton is coming on board as a new sponsor.

Will Cagle coupe

Retired racecars

Tom Skinner - Hammonton NJ

Time to check out the cars....

The autumn woods is the perfect stage for cool hot rods!

Not sure how this one avoided the crusher, but it's a rare V8 Merc Wagon

Tilt nose '67 Camaro

2nd Gen Camaro


Could'a been a Norcia #81!

Rat Roddin'

'37 or newer Chevy

6' bed Ford pick up

Looks like a Race of Gentlemen contestant... Very cool.

... Cars in every direction....

Stock Challenger

Nissan 200SX with 4 more cylinders than it's supposed to have....

Rare Torino GT

I'm thinking it's a 39'ish Plymouth.

My favorite....  1971 Monte Carlo

...Oh, what could have been....

"The Daddy Rat"

Powered by a maintenance locomotive diesel engine.

I read that it drove 120 miles to get to the show.

Here's more info...

..and some of the details....

Tribute to Ralph Brochard who was a driving force behind everything that is Pumpkin Run

Hopefully it's not $4 a gallon....

Food vendors were busy all day long.

Lots of folks in the Flea Market area

Chopper Pickers

Tractor powered sawmill making great souvenir shingles

Heading back over by the museum buildings

Folks enjoy the museum that features pictures, trophies, etc from drivers from South Jersey speedways such as Pleasantville, Atco, Vineland, Alcyon, etc.,.

Pretty sure this is off of the Tony Pagano #32 which I think was the former Weld built #19 that Kenny Brightbill drove.

A great setting to enjoy the vintage racecars

I made the trip in the Buick.

A few short bed pickups head out...  Time to get my seat and check out the exit parade.

'67 Camaro

Convertible Impala


Cherry Bomb - Definitely had a V8 stashed in there somewhere...

...So did this one.

There's that Torino again.  Just don't see any of these anymore.

...There goes Will!

66/67 Nova - Very cool.

Rick Brochard and the Pumpkin Run crew gives us a wave.  Thanks for another great Pumpkin Run Rick.

68'ish? Chevy Step Side

The colors of Autumn

The one that got away!

Red Baron Corvette


Early Dodge Charger

'59 Chevy?

...another one!

Rusty, but not crusty.

Cool Coupe!

Sittin' just right.

There goes another early Monte Carlo.

Super original Challenger

T-Bird Racer

Howard heads out with the #2X

Another great day at Fleming's Pumpkin Run!

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