Photos from Fall Racing Swap Meet at New Egypt Speedway

...can't get any better weather for December in NJ...

...wheeling & dealin'.

John Snook's 305 Sprinter

Lots of stuff...

Wall Stadium announcer Jeff Gravatt

Uncle Frank and John wouldn't let me road test it...

Give Brian Papiez a call if interested in the above trailer - "super deal!"

Monte Carlo Outlaw Stock

Spider Ensinger is selling this Malibu - 609-709-6416 - $2000 less motor & trans.

Add a feeler gauge and you're all set!

Finally, affordable racing. (It's really just a dash panel with me holding up a steering wheel in front of it, while making race car sounds...)

Open Wheel ace and now also "Modified Feature winner in 2015" Lou Cicconi with Tech Inspector George McKelvey

Jimmy Grbac was giving nephew Chris Grbac a hand

2006 Bicknell

Not sure what year/manufacture this one was...

Lots of stuff to look at, and a nice day for it too.

Gulf orange and blue...  I think there were a lot more Gulf stations when I was a kid.  Seemed like there was one in every town.

Not sure of the details on this one.

Saxton Motorsports had 2 cars for sale.

2013 Troyer TDI. (Not sure what TDI stands for, but if you're looking for a chassis, I'm guessing that you do!)

Brand new sprinter - Better make room under your Christmas tree.

80's Vintage modified

For more info, give Dennis Drain a call at: 610-800-432 zero.

Dave Deerson (left) checks out a pretty unique looking radiator.

Too many sprint car classes in too few years...

Willie Osmun and Sammy Martz.  In 2016, Willie will be running New Egypt in a Saxton Motorsports 358 mod, and Sammy will be at Bridgeport in his big block #3.

Rocco Infante and his dad - Rocco's 2015 feature winning car is for sale (below):

..and so is the trailer.  All really nice stuff.

Warning:  Never pick up hitchhikers...

305 racer Jon Haegle

Sportsman racer Bobby Lineman.  Click on the banner below for all your Troyer racecar needs:

3 Megills!  (We hear that Earl is making good progress from a fall he had a while back - Our best to Earl!)

...thank you to the Megill's for thinking of Matheny - Less than 2 weeks away...

"Stock" Outlaw Stock stuff...

...tables and tables of stuff to look at and not one dog treat to be found anywhere!

Doug Urbano's #311 Crate car

Give Doug a call at 908-413-093 five.

Modified racers Dave Hunt and Bobby Drayton.

I think this one might have been from Jim Horton Sr.

Big Al Cheney heads out.  (How many of you remember the great Super Stock battles at NES with Cheney, Page(s), Gargulo, and more.... Often the best feature of the night!)

I've been watching Tad Cox race since the Late Model days at New Egypt... Always in a red and black #59 from what I can remember.

Time to head out...  I didn't buy anything. but sure did get to see a bunch of great racing folks, and that's really what it's about for me....

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