New Egypt Swap Meet
Dec 4th, 2021

Cloudy skies, but not too cold for December...

Amazing job by the Megill Family for their generous offer of the proceeds from the event going to support the 2021 Matheny School Christmas Party.

Remembering Goop.

Dirt/Asphalt frames

I got to the event a little late, but there was still plenty of folks checking out the items.

This one brought back memories...  I had a Yamaha 175 Enduro back when I was a yoot!

Lots of stuff for sale

The #713 caught my eye...

That's Bob Fisher and Bruce Bowen - Got to remind Bob about the time I asked him about the #713... It was at East Windsor in 1976.. Waiting for the pit gate to open!  (The #713 was his dad's squadron #.)

Cool stuff at IndyLegs display

Great programs...  How many of us remember how cool the color photos were in those "Racing Pictorial" magazines (seen here under the Nazareth National program on the left.....)

Larry Housman had this super duper motorcycle scooper for sale.  You roll your cycle onto it, push a button and the winch pulls it up, and into the bed of the truck..

Question:  Where would you expect to find a like new Erector Set?  Answer:  John Fillimon's table!

Here John demonstrates the combination Leaf Rake/Leaf Picker Upper.

Hauler tires.

... time to head out, but I'll just take the truck instead....

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