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Nazareth National - 1970

Here is the handwritten lineup and results to go with that Nazareth National photo. The notes are from John Stire's father.  John says that the photo shows the first 13 rows on the list through Bottcher in the 9 and he notes that it's amazing that Bill Wilson came from that deep in the field and won the race!

Check out about 1/3 of the way down on the left side and you'll see the starting order for the feature with Bobby Malzahn on the pole and Elton Hildreth along side, followed by the rest of the field.  (The driver's listed at the top look like the consi cars.)  Notice the number in green indicates the finishing position, so if you check out Bill Wilson in the #7, you'll see that he has a "1" in green next his name indicating that on this day, in 1970 he was the winner!

Naz_Nat_Lineup_Finish.jpg (314739 bytes)

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