Eastern Storm - Bridgeport NJ

A late afternoon heavy rain on an open track....  A lack of track owned equipment to run in a very wet track....  A lack of an under-card class to help run the track in...  Whatever the reason, the great drivers of this USAC series, along with many top modified teams, never got to show their stuff on the track on this day.

  Many thanks to the drivers/race teams that still made our trip to Bridgeport a pleasant one, stopping what they were doing for us to get a few pictures as we made our way through the pits prior to the word that the event would be canceled.

Here's a few from our Bridgeport visit.. where a late afternoon "Eastern Rain Storm" made for an early ride home.....

Way cool Flo Announcer "Chet"

One of the racing's really good guys, Jeff Strunk

1990 Flemington Rookie Champ, Sammy Martz eyes up the #3.  Sammy's son Sammy Jr has become quite the wheelman too.

BGE Dougherty Motorsports cars

CJ Leary

Ed Aikin

Daison Pursley

Brady Bacon

Robert Ballou

Steve Drevicki

Preston Lattomos

Recent High School graduate and always near the front, Emerson Axsom

Current points leader, and previous nights winner at Grandview, Jake Swanson

Charles Davis Jr - Recent winner at Gas City Indiana

Logan Seevey

Justin Grant

Justin sets up his Go Pro

Tail tanks


Thomas Meseraull

Always fast, and always interesting, Thomas Meseraull
If you're not a fan already, check out TMez TV on YouTube and become one!:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ugc_4fmsKSE

Alex Bright

Alex Bright and AARN's Lenny Sammons

Tim Buckwalter

Kyle Cummins

Kyle wasn't planning on running the entire series, but he's been up near the top of the points battle so looks like he's all in!

Briggs Danner

Justin and T-Mez

Billy Pauch Sr was going to shake down the way cool #1 for son Billy Jr.

Billy Pauch Jr's ride.

Rick Laubach

Danny Bouc

Frank Cozze

Dave Hunt

Dave was ready to go before they decided to cancel due to the rain soaked track.

Under wraps.

Billy Osmun Jr with the great looking Norcia colors, complete with white bumpers and white nerf bars.

Matt Stangle has turned into one of the best at every track he runs....  More wins on the way in 2023.

Frank Cozze takes it all in stride... Turned out to be an early night for all.

It sure seemed strange walking around in the sunshine of a mid 70 degree late afternoon only to learn that the races would be cancelled, but if you've gone to the races long enough, you'll experience everything... at least twice!

Thank you to all USAC race teams, and all of the modified teams, that did what they had to do to be at Bridgeport on a Wednesday night to try to put on a show for us NJ fans.

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