"Friends of Mike Night" at Bridgeport Speedway
August 28th, 2013

Photos from 3Wide

We remember Mike.

Lots of folks...

Great to see a big crowd turn out for the special event at its new location to remember race fan Mike Rogie, and all of those from our racing community that we miss....

After the qualifying heats were completed, the modified drivers got a lift to the frontstretch to draw for position.

After picking a Frisbee containing his starting spot, Wade shows "good form" sending it into the stands as a souvenir for one of his many fans.

While all that was going on out front, The Friends of Mike Chinese Auction was gaining strength just off the midway.

Photographer Jim Brown (and family and friends) set up the auction items and authentic ticket containers for those wishing to take a shot a winning some really nice, unique items.

...it's only fitting that these two were next to each other....

The $'s generated through the auction help support the driver's big pay day for this very special event, which happens each year because of the dedication of current Bridgeport Promoter, Danny Serrano.

The Doug Hoffman trophy drew lots of attention.

Chrissy and Jim begin calling numbers and help the winners claim their prizes.

Former Sportsman driver Lou Farinna steps up with a winning ticket to claim a nice photo collage.

...and lucky winner Brian got to take home the Doug Hoffman trophy.  (Heard he only put in 2 tickets for it!)

7 Wide Racing at Bridgeport... with Jimmy Martz on the pole in the #J47 with Chip Slocum... or is that Paul "Sandy" Rochelle alongside...

Billy pulls the Pioneer Pole Buildings, K&A Excavating, Speed Raceway #1 into line behind the main stands prior to the start of the feature.

Here comes heat race winner and Rogie Rumble winner Lou Cicconi in one of Mike Iles's #711's.

Wade Hendrickson rolls up in the C&S Equipment Company #6.

A winner in the Modified ranks at Bridgeport this year, Dom Buffalino is greeted by folks prior to the command to start their engines.

Dom was piloting the Michel Bros #51M

With the cars shut off, fans get a chance to wish their favorite driver good luck before heading out into battle.

Here Sammy Martz signs a program for some young fans before the start of the event.

Big time racefan Tom Hamill helps support the efforts of Sammy Martz's #3, and has supported many grass roots racers over the years with his "Hamill Flooring" floor resurfacing business.

... Lots of familiar faces on hand as the "Friends of Mike" event brought out a lot of the sports long time fans.

Duane Howard, Jimmy Blewett, Eric Korman & Sammy Piazza await the command to fire the engines.

Folks are asked to step away from the cars as the command is given, "Gentleman, Start Your Engines!"

...and off they go.

...51 laps later and there stood winner Jimmy Blewett, who said that this was one of his biggest wins ever, dedicating the emotional win to his mother who passed away on Saturday, and to his brother who taught him never to give up.

Duane Howard would bring the #126 home in 3rd position.

2nd place finisher Billy Pauch enjoy a few words with Jay James, along with a lot of folks that were glad to see Billy at Bridgeport.

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