A Return to Arney's Mt. Speedway
Arney's Mt. Speedway

A reunion of a racer and a racetrack...

It's been over 50 years since the last engine roared...

... just a hill in back of a field.

...what's on the other side of those trees?

...looks like something up ahead...

...back of the old stands?

sure is... That means the frontstretch would be straight ahead...

Cement wall in line with the back of the stands... The opening looks like it was some kind of an office (spectator side).

Looking back, facing the bleachers with the frontstretch to my left

...trees now stand where racefans once sat.

...Turning around, you can see a small cement base wall with 5' high chain link fence separating the walking area in front of the stands from the frontstretch (visible in the background.)

Now on the other side of the fence, you can see what's left of the posts and cable that was once the frontstretch wooden fence.

...Facing the frontstretch, the parallel row of cinder blocks may have been the base for flagger's stand.

Here's a better view (that's the frontstretch down and to the right.

Standing on the frontstretch with the flagger's stand to the right....

... Surprisingly, if you brush the leaves aside, the 50+ year old asphalt surface is still in pretty good shape!

... the cable and the upright posts are still there, but most of the wooden planks have been reclaimed by the elements.

... Let's take a lap around Arney's Mt.  Here's the view looking down the frontstretch toward turn 1.

...making our way into turn 1

...working through turn 2.

...out of turn 2 (watch out for the water in the outside groove...

As was the case on the frontstretch, the backstretch fence uprights and cable is still in place.

... out of turn 2 and now headed down the backstretch... Looks like somebody else is leading!

Benny Trimble, who raced for years at Arney's Mt., including opening night in 1946(?), provides his personal memories and experiences.

Listening to Benny, and looking across the track toward the infield ... it was easy to imagine the sights and sounds as the cars once raced by at speed...

...at the end of the backstretch...

...turning into 3...

...in turn 3 and looking toward turn 4

...setting up turn 4

Coming out of turn 4 we talk to Benny again....  (You know he'd love to take just a few more laps....)

...and down the frontstretch... we pass the starter's stand... completing our lap at Arney's Mt.

an old light fixture and some wiring...

...a fallen light pole.

Heading back, we find the walls of the "his and her's" restrooms.

I'm guessing that this was the "his"....

...as we walk away, we turn back one more time and think of the excitement that once took place on this very site...

... and it all happened just 200' or so on the other side of this tree line...

... all is quiet now... up on the side of the hill.

 If you have any memories or original pictures of Arney's Mt Speedway, please email me and I'll add them to our Arney's Mt Speedway Memories Page.  Comments can be emailed to:  ArneysMt@3widespicturevault.com

Arney's Mt. Speedway Memories

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