Photo ID # 11.11.03_PLO_SGN_AUT_0070F_1
Car #: #27
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski
Location: Unsure
Date: Early 70's?
Photographer: John Sienko
Photo provided by: John Sienko
Comments: While it wasn't his rookie season, who would have known at this point that Stan would dominate the local dirt track scene during the 70's in such a way that EVERYONE easily accepted his nickname:  Stan THE MAN Ploski!   Stan continued to get the job done for many more years after the true glory days of the 70's.   Many say that he still looks like he could jump in and once again show them why he is known as "The Man."   Whether it was in his own cars, the Ken Brenn Sr. #24, the Chesson #76, Trenton Mack #74, Norcia #81, Chesson #76, Emmett Alfrey or Carberry #4T7, Critelli $, the Roscoe #65, and others that I'm sure you guys will remember, Stan was fast and his ability to hang a car sideways during early corner entry and still maintain his speed was something to be seen.   Man, I miss those days!

OK everybody.    Now, repeat after me in you're best Bill Singer voice... "Starting on the outside of row #9.....(pause), in the Ken Brenn #24......pause), from Ringoes, New Jersey...."Stan, The Man, Po - laaaaaa - ski!"

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12/20/05 Skip McPherson The description of Bill Singers voice made my hair stand up.  Oh to be able to return to Modified Country one more time.
01/16/07 Harry Gano Wow, good Singer impersonation even through an email. How about "through the short chute" Sometimes I thought he wasn't watching the same race as me, but he was the nucleus of the Sat night races, and a childhood memory I will never forget. We miss you Bill!
03/11/07 John Mathieu This picture says it all. I remember watching Stan drive Tasnady nuts when the sportsmen and modifieds ran together at Flemington with the Mods starting in the rear. As for Bill Singer, I knew Bill off the track through his and my work in radio . He was the best and is sorely missed...
10.20.18 Russ Curie

Picture is from Langhorne.