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Photo ID # 11.08.03_056_FIT_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #56
Driver (s) : Glenn Fitzcharles
Location: Unknown
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Red Kirsch
Photo provided by: Ralph Richards
Comments: "Wingless" Glenn Fitzcharles was one of the most exciting drivers to watch in the Modified ranks at Flemington as well as other speedways.  Who knew that he would go on to have such an exceptional URC career once he traded in the full body for a tail tank and a wing!  I hear Glenn currently enjoys the Street Rod scene, and I'll bet if they ever raced them on dirt, he'd crank it sideways and win at that too!
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11/09/03 Bill Hanna There is no doubt in this mind that this photo is from none other than the "Home of Champions"  the Reading Fairgrounds
12/23/03 Pete Lovell Note the tree behind Glenn's head. There were no trees in the Reading infield.
12/23/03 3-Wide Is it possible that the tree is outside of the track?  It doesn't look familiar to me...
02/08/04 Steve Fegley. I think Bill is right.  What is behind Glenn is the 4th turn bleachers at Reading. Then there was an old horse stable or some kind of building, then the cross over gate where the cars came into pits.  The car is the Kennedy #56 but I'm curious as to the body?   The last body I remember on that car was a Mustang, when Jim Baker destroyed it in turn one right in front of me.   That doesn't look like a Mustang....
04/03/04 Carl Snyder The trees were at the end of the 4 th turn grandstand out side the track.  This picture was shot from the infield  across the track and it was not a Mustang.  It was a Valiant body.
01/13/06 JoeyTrouble This was the car that the whole body lifted up like a dragster
04/07/07 Carl Snyder I think this was a Lancer body as there is another picture of it in the vault some where, I stand corrected.
04/07/07 3-Wide I still couldn't tell you the difference between a Valiant or a Lancer... was one a 4 door maybe?  I always refer to the #99 driven by Geoff Bodine as a Valiant, but now I'm not so sure...
08.05.10 fltlnjok For what it's worth, Valiant was a Plymouth, Lancer was a Dodge. No real difference.