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Photo ID # c08.14.06_082_MAD_FLM_0074_1
Car #: #82
Driver (s) : Pete Madsen
Location: Flemington
Date: 1974
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: PM
Comments: Comment from Pete:  Favorite car.  Favorite year- 1974. This was built in the fall and winter of 1972. We built this one from scratch from two 1965 Ford 2 door sedan frame rails. The ford frame was pseudo 2x4. The rules then said that you had to use a car frame. (no tubing) The Ford frame was Jimmy Klim's idea..one of many good ones.  They didn't start using REAL 2x4 tubing until later.  It really was just a .060 327.

Over a year later, we finally got rewarded!   The problem with enjoying yourself that much is that you can't sustain it; then you miss it! 
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08/16/07 Paul Madsen Back in 1974 the big names were Liss, Hall and Katona but Pete was able to win the very first 100 lapper for sportsman driving the Morris 111.
09/13/07 A8873 Don Morris... Now there's a name from the past...