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Car #: #66
Driver (s) : Rick Sendzik
Location: Wall Stadium
Date: 1974
Photographer: Stan Hulse
Photo provided by: Barry Hulse
Comments: From Barry (B&B Machine Shop Inc.) If you say the name Rick Sendzik to a Wall Stadium fan, most of them will associate him with the Chet Konopacki #6 Orange Gremlin Modified.

The year is either 1974 or 1975 at Wall in the pits at open practice. The 66 Falcon is the former Terry Cain car that Rick Sendzik and Paul Thiele bought from Terry in I believe towards the end of 1972.  The two shared driver duties the first year, then Rick bought out Paul.  Rick then raced this Falcon with the 289 Ford until the year this picture was taken.

In the background is Rick's new ride, Ray Mount's first Sportsman car. Those from Wall will remember the white 66 Pinto with the "Anteater Nose". The hood was made with sheet metal over a bedrail steel frame. I remember it weighed a ton! There are some pics of this car on the AC Speedway site. ( www.atlanticcityspeedway.com )

Rick drove Ray's 66 for a couple of years then built his own 66 Pinto with the 180 degree headers which eventually became my 34 Sportsman car, and Ray's 66 became the 68 team car that was driven by Eddie Geibel.

What happened to the Falcon?   The car was renumbered to the #63 and was driven by Barry Osborne.  I used to sit with Barry's wife in the stands on top of the 4th turn, and one night Barry flipped the car right in front of us!  Needless to say, Barry's wife ended his driving career right then and there, and it was also the end of the old Falcon!

This picture was taken by my late father, Stan Hulse with his trusty SX-70
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