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Photo ID # b02.23.05_MYS_PIC_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #9c & Flying "0"
Driver (s) : Howie Cronce along side of Charlie Kremer???
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: 1974
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Ace Lane
Comments: We salvaged this Mid 70's East Windsor action shot that had a big crease down the center and was pretty marked up....  Even with it's problems, its really a neat shot as it shows 2 cars beginning to set their cars to enter turn 1 at the once great speedway. 

Seems nobody can remember who drove the Flying "0".... (me included!)  I don't think the car ran that often.... but that's definitely Howie Cronce in the #9c on the outside!
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03/13/05 hbfd78 That's Howie Cronce on the outside. I think it's 1973, he ran the Burnett frames from their forward.
03/18/05 Mark Yaple I seem to remember Charlie Kremer Jr. running on the dirt a limited amount of times in this car. I believe a driver named Bill McCarthy ran this 0 in the previous decade.
03/18/05 3-Wide You, me and John Mc seem to be the only ones that relate Charlie Kremer to this car.  Maybe someone out there knows Charlie and can ask if he ever drove a "Flying 0" on dirt at East Windsor (around 1974).
03/31/05 Barry Hulse Okay.... Here is your answer straight from the horses mouth....

This car was Dick Barney's last #14 coupe.  Dick just told me he sold the car to Bill McCarthy who repainted and renumbered the car to the Flying 0.  Bill McCarthy then sold the car to Bill Arre, Tim's dad. Charlie (Charlie Kremer) told me he ran this car for a year and a half at Windsor. He told me they were leading a feature by a ton and ran out of gas going down the backstretch because they forgot to fill it before the race.

Charlie coasted in for fifth place, Buzzie Reutiman won the race!  Charlie told me that he knew this car at some point belonged to Dick Barney because it had an Olds motor in it, and Bill McCarthy always ran Pontiacs.
03/31/05 3-Wide Thanks for the detective work Barry.  Looks like I'll have to keep John McCaughey and Mark Yaple on the payroll for a while as they were the only 2 that had this one figured out.... 
04/01/05 hbfd78 By the way, the 427 on the hood might have looked cool, but the engine in the 9c was a 466, 427 1/8 over.
04/24/05 KJma12 Its not Charlie.  In1974 bill sold car to Tommy Stevenson.   Tommy ran for a while as a sportsman car and then later as a modified.