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Photo ID # 09.05.03_007_ELI_FLM_0060_1
Car #: #7
Driver (s) : Steve Elias
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1967
Photographer: Charlotte Melise
Photo provided by: Gary Bauer
Comments: I have heard of Steve Elias, but didn't get to see him race....  I'm hoping some of you guys can give us some more information. 
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10/09/03 Jim Crawford Steve originally raced out of National Park, NJ and seemed to always be smoking a cigar when he drove. The car he's driving here was owned by Herb Vail of Pitman, NJ. Herb is the son of Bill and Helen Vail, long time promoters of Alcyon Speedway in Pitman where Steve was modified champion in 1953. I believe he also drove Walt Tait's #07 at some point in his career. Steve has been a regular attendee at the South Jersey Racing Reunion where I saw him last year.  He was then living in Maryland.
10/09/03 Steve Elias I sent you a couple of E-Mails about Stumpy. I live down on the Eastern shore of Maryland now.  I used to live in National Park, N.J.  I raced from 1950 to1968 along the east coast.  If you come to our get together down at Pole Tavern, N.J. we can talk.  It's the last Sunday in October. (P.S. Check with Ralph Richards.)
10/14/03 Jim Murrow Steve Elias was one of those guys who was equally as good on dirt or pavement. As was already mentioned, he was a modified champion at Alcyon Speedway in Pitman, NJ which was dirt, and 10 years or so later was driving Walt Tait's potent #07 sportsman at Vineland Speedway, which was paved. I think he won a couple of Sportsman Championships at Vineland. Later in the 60s, or early 70s, I think the 07 became a dirt modified, and ran Flemington with Steve at the wheel.

When I was a kid, I worked one summer for Leon Manchester, feeding the horses, and drilling the lug holes in the center sections of the racing wheels he used to manufacture. Steve worked there as a welder at the time.

I went to high school with Walt Tait, Jr, as well, and when I ran into Sr. a couple years ago,  I think he told me Jr. owned a sprint car running in Pa.

Glad to hear Steve will be at the Speedway Reunion on the 26th. Hope to see you all there.  Thanks, Jim Murrow

07/30/04 Henry Smith I remember Steve giving Al Tasnady some tough competition at Vineland in the mid 50's.  Al had won some 12 consecutive features but Steve with his long nosed car finally beat him by half a car length on   the 13th week.  Steve's car at that time was great on the straightaways but bad in the turns. This was probably in '56 or '57. After defeating him Al, disappeared from Vineland. Of course Vineland was a dirt track at the time.

Submitted by Henry Smith

03/11/07 Charles Hand My name is Charles Hand.  Steve Elias dove the #202 car for Ed Robinson of Pleasantville.  The track was Pleasantville Speedway.  The time frame was in the early fifty's.  He did quite well with that car.  Tas and Jacky also drove for Ed at Pleasantville.