Photo ID # a12.12.04_044_ELI_WIL_0058_1
Car #: #44 & #2
Driver (s) : Steve Elias and Frankie Schneider
Location: Wilmington, De
Date: 1958
Photographer: Walter Chernokal
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comments from Russ:  This is a great shot of Steve Elias taking the outside of Frankie Schneider on the 1/4 mile paved Wilmington Speedway in 1958. That year, Vineland went to an asphalt surface and Neal Williams put Ralph Smith in his #44 coupe.  Steve asked if he could run the old car from the previous year driven by Al Tasnady and Ken Marriott on dirt.  Steve pulled the car out of the weeds and welded the body and fenders back together and went racing.

To Neal's surprise, Steve won the 2nd and 3rd week Vineland Speedway ran with the new paved surface.  He went on to have a better season at Vineland than Ralph Smith did running Neal's "A" car. 

The "Old Bones" # 44 pictured in the vault shows what a beat up appearance the car had, but boy it could run! Let's let Steve tell us the circumstances that caused him to leave the ride just before the October Langhorne race!     Thanks, Russ Dodge

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01/05/06 Steve Elias Hi Joe

Russ was talking about the reason I left the 44. The modified 44 driven by Ralph Smith needed a tire for the nights racing and I was around the shop earlier in the day so I went over to Pennsylvania speed shop to pick up a new one while I was gone they took the fuel tank out of the car I was driving and put it in Ralph's car and I was not able to run that night.

I was bent out of shape and quit driving for Neil.

Steve Elias
01.06.12 3Wide What a great photo...