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Dirt Asphalt

Favorite Dirt Coupe

Gil Hearn's #12

Favorite Asphalt Coupe

Charlie Jarzombek #1

Favorite Dirt Sedan/Coach (Tie!)

Kenny Brightbill/Wertz #57

Ronnie Guinther #33

Favorite Asphalt Sedan/Coach

Dick Barney #14 (Richie Massing driving in photo above.)

Favorite Dirt Gremlin

The Norcia "Black Horse Racing #81"  - Sammy Beavers

Favorite Asphalt Gremlin

John Blewett

Favorite Dirt Pinto

Kenny Brightbill

Favorite Asphalt Pinto

Ferrante #X3 (driven by Charlie Jarzombek)

Favorite Dirt Falcon

Joe Bullock owned #76 (Gerald Chamberlain driver)

Favorite Asphalt Falcon

Maynard Troyer

Favorite Dirt Mustang

Howie Cronce

Favorite Asphalt Mustang

Maynard Troyer

Favorite Dirt Chevette

Frank Cozze

Favorite Asphalt Chevette

Len Boehler #3
Favorite Dirt Vega

Carl Van Horn
Favorite Asphalt Vega

Geoff Bodine

Favorite Dirt Corvair

Bob Hauer

Favorite Asphalt Corvair

Favorite Dirt Valiant

Favorite Asphalt Valiant

Favorite Dirt "Other"

Favorite Asphalt "Other"


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