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Vintage Asphalt Modified List
A partial list of asphalt vintage modifieds that have their roots in NJ/Eastern PA:

Pumpkin Run - 3Wide Photo

This page would not be possible if it wasn't for the incredibly talented restorers/fabricators... the area's Vintage Car Clubs/Historical Societies and their members who organize and attend events/displays... and for all the folks who maintain, transport, and store the history of our sport!

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Vintage Asphalt Modified List

Car #

Thumbnail Body Style Color Original Driver/Tribute Last Known Owner Info Previous Versions/Notes Updates From Site Visitors
0   Coupe Yellow Carl Griner Joe Carr    
1 Coupe (full fenders) Aqua Billy Mason? Woody Nyce    
1 Vega White   El Herbert?    
1 Vega White Charlie Jarzombek Rick Jarzombek    
1 Coupe Yellow        
XL1 Coupe White Wally Dallenbach/Joe Kelly      
XL1 Coupe White Wally Dallenbach/Joe Kelly Ray Evernham?    
S1 Sedan Blue/White Jackie Moschera Bob Barker    
2X Coupe Red Eddie Flemke      
2X Camaro Cream Howard Stern Howard Stern    
3 Pinto Orange/White     Originally driven by Mel Cain.  Was owned by Jack Patterson  
3 Sedan Red/White Bob Bodinet Bob Bodinet    
3 Coupe Red        
3X Coupe Gold/Black        
3x Coupe Red   Frank Drogan    
4 80's Modified Purple   Tim Pitts Original car damaged in a fire. Has since been rebuilt for show only.

From Jeffrey Oswald - 03,16,24:

I believe the purple #4 was driven by Preston Henry at Dorney Park. It was the mid 1980's. 

M3 Pinto Brown John Malsbury John Malsbury    
X3 Vega White/Blue Jim Hendrickson/Tony Ferrante Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum? Original car/hauler restored by Kevin Eyres,  
X5 Gremlin White Gil Hearne   Original Paul Blair car. Previously owned by Bill Morsch.  
6 Gremlin Orange Dickie Lewis   Original Dickie Lewis, Rick Senzick driven car  
7 Coupe Yellow Tom Baldwin Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum? Original Tom Baldwin driven yellow coupe.
Before that, it was the Joe Severage driven blue coupe.
Restored by Ray Shea. (both versions)

(previous version)
7 Gremlin White Joe Severage Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum? Previously owned/restored by Ray Shea  
7D 90's Modified Yellow Dean Gulick      
9 90's Dirt Mod White Bob McCreadie      
10 Gremlin White/Red/Blue Gil Hearne   Original Paul Blair car. Previously owned by Bill Morsch.  
10 Coupe White Ray Liss   Built by Ray Liss  
12 Pinto Orange Gil Hearne Marty Van Drutan Former Maynard Troyer/Gil Hearne driven.  
12M 90's Modified Black John Menzak      
16J Coupe Orange/Black Elton Hildreth Chad Culver/Culver Museum    
17 Pinto Black Gil Hearne Marty Van Drutan Original  Soucy Black Bandit  
18 Sedan White/Red   Joe Henshaw    
P18 Coupe Blue        
RU21 Coupe White   Gene Steele    
22 80's Modified Yellow Lenny Boyd Doug Megill    
23 Coupe Orange Ed Lilly Tim Pitts    
026 Coupe Aqua/Teal? Jackie McLaughlin Was owned by Russ Branick    
28 Sedan Yellow   Frank Garofola    
30 Sedan Yellow Ralph Brochard Rick Brochard    
33   Pinto Brown Alan Patterson      
38 Coupe Red Jerry Cook Ray Evernham    
40 Pinto White Ken Klawan      
40 Pinto White/Maroon     Formerly red #28
41 Sedan Dark Yellow Don Stumpf/Tommie Elliott (Racz Garage) Bruce Roslin?    
C&B44 Pinto White Budd Olsen Alan Jensen    
45 Pinto Red Freddy Hamm      
47 Coupe Blue        
50 Coupe (Bug) Black   Ken Pullen    
50 Coupe Red (Dorney Park Car)      
51 Late Model Red John Bokros John Bokros    
55 Coupe Black Doc Morrow Lee & Chris Allen    
56 Pinto Black Rick Borguinon      
60 Pinto Yellow Tom Michel Doug Megill    
60 Coupe Black Chuck Williams Bill Lamson    
61 Pinto Red Ray Evernham   Evernham Tribute car  
61 Pinto Orange Richie Evans Ray Evernham/Evernham Museum?    
61 Coupe Orange Richie Evans Joe Opitz Street Legal  
61 Coupe Blue/White Jim Hawkes Jim Hawkes    
65 Pinto Blue Steve Golembeski S.J. Golembeski    
68 Sedan Gold Pete Frazee Bill Force Built by Bill Force. Sedan body on the #68 from Joe Henshaw.  
69 Cuda Primer Guy Chartrand      
71 Sedan Red Jerry Allen Lee/Chris Allen Car built using Rick Humphrey's original brown #4 (dirt) Pinto bodied car.  Previously displayed as Mercantini #71 PInto:
73   Coupe Maroon Shawn McAndrews      
74 Coupe Red Terry Van Terry Van    
74 Mustang Blue Rich Hall   Original barn find car as last raced.  
82 Gremlin Purple Al Voorhees Sr & Butch Malsbury Al Voorhees Jr & Butch Malsbury    
83 Pinto Yellow (Dorney Park Car)      
85 Vega Blue     Car raced by Tom Mauser, Kevin Eyres  
92 Coupe Red/White John Kurkowski      
98 Sedan Red        
99 Valiant Blue Geoff Bodine Bob Ripley    
99 Sedan Maroon/Silver Johnny Leach      
101 Coupe Red FDNY Was owned by Bob Barker    
104 Coupe White/Blue   Joe Merlino Sr    
106  Sedan (Full Fenders) Blue/Yellow Bill Chevalier Alice Drogan    
222 Sedan Yellow   Joe Koopman    
659 Coupe White Parker Bohn Doug Megill    
659 Vega White Parker Bohn Williams?    
707 Sedan (not painted) Al Tasnady   Original Gypsy Sedan - Partially restored?  
856 55 Chevy Orange Ralph Brochard Rick Brochard    
888 Coupe Purple/White Rene Charland      
937 Sedan (shortened) Cream/Red   Alice Drogan    

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