Lenny's Tire

A little background on "The Tire" from Lenny:   "I was given a NASCAR tire by my brother Jim.  He was leaving Pocono speedway after the race a few years back and these pit crew guys from Kevin Lapage's crew (Kodak #4) were giving away used Goodyear tires.  He remembered that I had a man cave in my basement and thought I'd like it for down there.  Well it sat down there for years.

My kids, when they were small, used to climb in it and roll each other into the walls with it.  Then one day I got this bright idea to take it to racecar shows and get autographs on it.

Well.... what started out as a few autographs. turned into over 220.

It was a labor of love dragging that thing around to race tracks. I've met the greatest bunch of people over the years because of that tire.  It has signatures from drivers, car owners, track officials, photographers, lettering artist, and more. 

I've taken pictures of everyone who has signed it."


This page would not be possible if it wasn't for the area's Vintage Car Clubs/Historical Societies and their members who organize/staff events, and for all the drivers and other personalities of our sport, who took the time to sign Lenny's tire.

  Thank you to Lenny and to all involved!

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Stop back from time to time as we plan on adding more names/pictures each week.

Thank you to those who signed:

Leroy Amy

Ollie Butler Jr.

Kevin Collins

Ty Constantino

Horace Drake

Dick Durica

Rich Eurich

Kevin Eyres

Tony Ferriauolo

Glenn Fitzcharles

Mark Fusco

Brett Hearn

Bruce Hooper

Lou Inzeo

Danny Johnson

Randy Kane

Jimmy Klim

John McCaughey

Lynn Paxton

Nick Schlaugh

Tighe Scott

Dennis Smith

Jim & Jimmy Wismer

Bob Yurko

Danny Zanetti

Manny Zilli



...many more on the way...


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